Guests you don't want at your Super Bowl party

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DETROIT - Millions of Americans will be throwing Super Bowl parties next weekend. As your friends gather to watch the San Francisco 49ers take on the Baltimore Ravens, there are some personality types you might want to keep off the guest list. 

A new survey from reveals 52% of those polled say they think the "Know-it-All" is the worst Super Bowl Party guest. This is the kind of person who knows everything about football, the commercials, and the snacks. You might call him the "Cliff Clavin" of Super Bowl Trivia. (That's a reference to a character on the sitcom "Cheers" for those too young to remember) 

Another person you hope won't be at your party: 41% say its the "Remote Dominator"- the person who grabs the remote, keeps adjusting the volume, or channel surfing during commercials. Just put down the remote buddy! 

And, 28% say the "Social Butterfly" is not a lot of fun, that's someone who doesn't event watch the game and never stops talking. 

Other less popular party guests: "The Dieter" - counting calories when everyone else is pigging out. And, "The Commercial Watcher", who only watches the commercials. 

Sixty-one percent of U.S. adults said they plan to watch the Super Bowl this year, up from 56 percent last year.

Men are significantly more likely to watch the Super Bowl at 70 percent, compared to 52 percent of women.

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