Coronavirus pandemic: What Metro Detroit stores are doing to keep up with demand

Stores make adjustments to keep shelves stocked

DETROIT – Stores across Metro Detroit were packed with people all weekend long -- some waiting in lines to stock up on staples as the coronavirus forces them to stay home.

The demand takes a toll on businesses trying to keep up with shoppers. Workers said they just need a little patience.

At Kroger, store hours are being reduced slightly to allow time for employees to restock. Kroger is also working with suppliers to get more inventory.

The deli and meat counters are closed at Meijer because restocking is taking place throughout the day and night.

The most commonly purchased items are water, hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies, toilet paper and soup.

Shoppers told Local 4′s Hank Winchester they’re stocking up on essentials. While inside Target, Local 4 noticed many employees wearing gloves. Outside, shoppers were just thankful stores are still open and offering the much-needed basics.

You can watch Hank Winchester’s full story in the video posted above.

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