‘Social distancing’: Are you keeping your distance during coronavirus outbreak?

Health experts ask residents not to risk spreading virus in social settings

DETROIT – Are you keeping your distance? “Social distancing” has been a popular term the last several days as health experts implore residents not to risk spreading the coronavirus even further.

But there’s much more to social distancing than just keeping space between you and someone else.

Local 4′s Hank Winchester went out in the community to see how people are handling coronavirus fears.

On Monday, many people who ventured outside their homes made sure to keep their distance. Others, however, sat closed to each other in public places, such as coffee shops.

In stores, several people wear masks. Employees often wear gloves.

President Donald Trump spoke Monday about the coronavirus, recommending nobody be in groups of more than 10 people. Many residents have already started avoiding large crowds, but there are others who aren’t as concerned.

You can watch Hank’s full story in the video posted above.

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