How meat shortage is already affecting grocery stores, restaurants in Metro Detroit

Stores, restaurants making changes

DETROIT – A meat shortage in Metro Detroit could affect your next trip to the grocery store, and restaurants are also being forced to make changes.

The meat shortage has already started, and it’s affecting what Metro Detroit residents can buy.

Wendy’s is already making changes, taking its signature hamburgers off the menu at some locations.

“As you’ve likely heard, beef suppliers across North America are currently facing production challenges,” a Wendy’s spokesperson said. “Now, because of this, some of our menu items may be in short supply from time to time at some restaurants.”

Local 4 Consumer Investigator Hank Winchester went to a Wendy’s in Ferndale on Tuesday and was told not all locations are being affected, but that could change daily.

Hank also visited a Kroger store in Troy.

“At Kroger, we feel good about our ability to maintain a broad assortment of meat and seafood for our customers, however, some processors are experiencing challenges,” a Kroger spokesperson said. “To ensure all customers have access to protein, we have added limits on pork, beef and chicken.”

At Costco, shoppers are now limited to three items of beef, pork or poultry.

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