How to save a bundle by couponing

Couponing expert saves 60 percent a week off grocery bill

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MACOMB COUNTY, Mich. - Have you ever met one of those people who brag about how much they save, or how many coupons they use? Two women from Macomb County invited Local 4 into their home to reveal some of their secrets.

"I got razors, tissues, gel, many types of toothbrushes," said couponer Linda Lljuljdjurag.

The list goes on, and on and on. So, how much has Lljuljdurag paid for each item?

"Close to free, as close to free as it gets," Lljuljdjurag said. "I have not paid more than a couple of dollars."

"We have more than enough what we need," said Andrea Lljuljdjurag, Linda's sister-in-law.

The two woman never used coupons a few years ago, but that sure has changed. Now, every week they get together to clip coupons and make a strategy -- yes, there really is a strategy in using coupons.

"That's where I like to tell a lot of people that are just starting couponing, that you need to start slow, and if you try to get a haul like this, it is never going to happen," Andrea said.

"Now it is just a challenge," said Linda. "How much can I get for free?"

So, how did they do it? The two super savers suggest purchasing multiple papers to receive multiple inserts, and even going online beforehand to do some research about the inserts ahead of time.

"You go online and go to Sunday inserts I believe it is called. It tells you what coupons are going to be in the paper. It will break it down."

They then suggest stacking the coupons.

"Combining them is called stacking coupons," Andrea said. "For example, this right here is $1.50 off mascara, and it is a Target coupon, plus $1 off mascara manufacture. They had it on sale last week. We were getting tons of Revlon makeup for free. You can stack up to three coupons at target."

The ladies also suggest using your cellphone apps for your favorite stores to save money.

"Okay, this is a mobile coupon from Target," said Andrea. "A lot of times Target will have something on their website that says, 'text the word offers to this number,' and then they send you a link to mobile coupon. See this mobile coupon has $1 off Advil, they even have one for clothes coupons."

Another tip -- follow other couponers on Instagram or other social media sites to find good deals.

"I follow people on Instagram who are avid couponers or die-hard couponers," said Linda. "They have coupons that I may be interested in, and I may have something that they may want, so we swap and it is very beneficial."

For those thinking there isn't enough time to do all of this coupon collecting, Linda and Andrea used to think the same thing.

"It's all about time management. Devote about two hours a week, usually on the weekend or if the kids go to bed. That is the best time, but you have to be devoted to this."

Linda and Andrea say that organization is the key in couponing. If you can't find the coupons, you won't use then, so you have to make it easy.

"There are a bunch of really great websites that we use. The is a great one that we use on a regular basis. And they actually have a whole section that just for beginners where you can go on and read exactly what you need to do, how to organize your coupons. It walks you through a match up of a store."

Linda says she saves 60 percent off her grocery bill each week by couponing, and she says that is just more money she can use to spend on her children and family.

Here's a few websites Linda and Andrea suggest using to save big:

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