Is your mattress hurting your love life?

By Tony Statz - Producer
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Your mattress may be hurting your love life more than you ever thought.

A new study found that the wrong kind of mattress can make intimacy difficult and strain relationships.

"Consumers seem to have no idea about the important relationship that a mattress plays in their relationship," said sex educator Dr. Sari Locker.

A study sponsored by manufacturer Leggett & Platt, found that 85% of buyers don't even consider intimacy when the go mattress shopping.

When using a mattress they thought would be good for sleep, couples found intimacy more difficult which stalled spontaneity. This led to less intimacy all together and a strain on the relationship.

In addition, many couples seem to blame themselves.

Dr. Locker said that one couple was "sinking into it [the mattress] and they thought it was because they were overweight." 

However, the right mattress can make all the difference.

"If you're kind of in a relationship rut, getting a new mattress that feels great for intimacy is going to give you a great boost in your relationship because you're going to want to try that mattress out a lot," Dr. Locker.

To find the best mattress for you, Dr. Locker suggests looking for a mattress that is both comfortable for sleep and gives the ability to move for intimacy.

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