Must have products, gadgets of 2013

Consumer trend for 2013 is all about products that make life easier

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DETROIT - The list of hot and new "gotta-have-it" products for 2013 was unveiled on USA TODAY.

The paper reports the consumer trend for 2013 is all about products that can make life easier for us all.

The new cordless phone charger from Duracell is one such product.

It's called the Duracell Powermat 24-Hour Power System.

It has a wireless charging mat and back-up battery, so you don't need an electrical outlet to get charged up.

And, the system even senses when your phone is fully charged.

The price for the charger is $99.99, and it will be available in April.

For men, personal-care products are going high tech

The Braun CoolTec electric shaver actually makes the skin feel cool, not hot.

It has a special aluminum cooling bar, modeled after technology used to cool spaceships and mini-bar fridges, that decreases skin temperature typically increases by shaving.

The shaver has not been priced yet and will be on the market in the fall.

For dog lovers, Nestle will extend its Purina Pro Plan line to be the first "sports" dog food.

You can choose from options like "Active" (for everyday exercise) to "Performance" (for running and hiking)) to "Advanced" (for competition).

Prices will range from $13.99 - $43.99 depending on the quantity purchased.

Also on the list, diaper-maker Kimberly-Clark created an app to help kids during potty training time.

What's interesting about this smartphone app is that it's designed to be used, not by parents but rather kids 24 months and up.

The app features Disney characters that come to life and Mickey and Minnie make surprise phone calls to encourage toddlers to keep using the potty.

The app is free to download and is available in the coming year.

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