Open your own registry for college dorm

Don't give cash, give dorm supplies

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Students are headed back to campus soon, and they'll need to stock up on things like sheets, towels and shower caddies.

The expense of all of those items can start to add up, and students are finding a way to get someone else help them furnish their dorms or apartments.

You've heard of gift registries for a new bride and groom but what about one for college students? That's right, more students are getting in on the act.

"Actually, I think it's a very smart idea because it is not cheap to go to college," Candace Cooper of Detroit told Ruth to the Rescue.

Retailers like The Container Store and Target have set up registries that focus on gifts for graduation and furnishing a student's home away from home.

A few Wayne State students were fond of the idea of a college registry.

"I think actually it would be a good idea." said sophomore Jasmynn Brown.

"It sounds like of cool for friends and family to give you gifts, maybe your grad party would be kinda nice. It's not a bad idea," explained sophomore Andrew Abdulnour

Big Business

College registries have turned into big business. According to The Container Store registries for college bound students beat the number of wedding registries last year for the first time ever. The college registries accounted for 57 percent of all registries created in the beginning of this year.

Even though college registries seemed to be a hit some people did see a downside.

"They need to earn it, and if they need to get a job to ear it, then that's fine." said Erke Bogan of Montgomery Alabama as he walked through downtown

He worries we may be making it too easy on college students. "Right now, the land of the free is what everybody's expecting."

If you do like the idea of a dorm registry in may not be to late to get in on the action. Some students are having going away parties at the end of the summer.

Also, some freshmen hold "trunk parties" to fill up their suit cases with dorm necessities.

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