Poll: Many women say to men 'Support me!'

32 percent of women surveyed want their partner to support them

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REAs more and more women smash through the glass ceiling in every field, you might be surprised by how many say they would still give up their careers and relay on a partner for money.

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A new poll was conducted by the money-saving website, CouponCodes4U. It found 32% would prefer to give up their careers and allow their partner to support them. More than 2,000 women, with full-time jobs took part in the poll. They were asked, "Would you prefer to work for a living or be a lady of leisure and have your partner look after you financially?"

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  • 79% said they would not feel guilty if their partner was paying all the bills.
  • 55%, said they would prefer to keep their careers. Thirteen percent said they were unsure.
  • 21% said they would continue their career, even if their partner was able to pay most of the family expenses.


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