Ruth to the Rescue: Hackers can hit your smart TV

DETROIT - People are already worried about threats to their privacy through the use of a computer or smartphones, but what about their smart TV?

Now, security experts are warning of a possible privacy breach in your home as smart TV's quickly becoming big sellers.

The TV allows you to browse the internet and download apps all on one giant screen.

"Consumers are starting to use smart TVs for commerce and communication, so it provides new ground for cyber criminals to attack," said Chiranjeev Bordoloi, Information Security Expert.

The Weaknesses:

Bordoloi helps companies identify security weaknesses. Bordoloi says the camera on your smart TV could be the opening hackers use.

"Blackmail could be something that you see emerging because if they catch you in a compromising position..... if they've hacked your TV and now have access to your camera they can see you engaged in private activities," said Bordoloi.

Gamers sometimes use the camera when competing with multiple players online or for apps like Skype.

Protecting Privacy:

There is a very low-tech method to protect your privacy.

"Put a sticker on it, so people can't really see what you're up to. And then every time you play a multiplayer game for example you can remove the sticker," said Bordoloi.

Lastly, before you download an apps, you might want to Google the name of the app's manufacturer and type in the word "malware."

Security researchers may have done some work on that app, and you might find some literature that spells out some of the privacy risks.

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