Dehumidifier recall: Couple asks Ruth to the Rescue for help

Couple upset with refund delay in dehumidifier recall

Over the years you have probably seen hundreds, or even thousands, of product recalls on Ruth to the Rescue.

Many times you are told to contact the company for a full refund, but what happens when that refund doesn't show up?

Ruth to the Rescue recently came to the aid of a Dearborn couple that had been waiting for nearly five months for the refund on their recalled dehumidifier.

In September of 2013, Gree Appliances announced it was recalling 2.2 million dehumidifiers due to a potential fire hazard. The company offered to refund customers' money. When Jim and Deni Gardner of Dearborn realized their dehumidifier was a part of the recall, they began the process to collect their $239 refund.

They called the service number and they were sent a packet of information about how to request a refund. They say they followed the directions and sent in all requested information, including a sticker from the dehumidifier, and the end of the cord. However, they were still waiting five months later.

"It's been very upsetting because I thought we did everything right. We double-read everything. I made copies of the cord," said Deni Gardner of Dearborn.

Calling For Help, No Answers

The couple told Ruth to the Rescue they had been in contact with customer service many times over the past two months. At different times, they were told the problem would be "escalated", but they couldn't get an answer from anyone on how to make sure they would receive their refund.

"You feel like you can't do anything. You don't know where to turn," said Jim Gardner of Dearborn.

That's when they turned to Ruth to the Rescue. The consumer unit did get some answers after contacting a representative for Gree Appliances. A spokesman told Ruth to the Rescue that a data entry error was the reason for the delay on the Gardner's refund check, and that delivery had been expedited.

The whole situation has left the Gardners very frustrated.

"They need to take a look at their customer service and how they're handling the recall," said Jim Gardner.

Finally, on February 7th, the refund check arrived. The Gardners were relieved they had called Ruth to the Rescue. Jim Gardner wrote an email that said, "I'm still in awe that you were able to move this along. Thank you for your time and effort."

According to the company spokesperson, 130,000 refund checks have already been distributed with an average delivery time of five weeks.

Check the Recall

Gree Appliances recently added another 350,000 units to the original recall in the United States.

Consumers are encouraged to check their dehumidifiers to see if they are included in this recall. Remember, this recall involved the risk of a fire, so be sure check the dehumidifier in your home.

A full list of the models being recalled can be found here.

If other consumers have issues collecting their refund, they can call the Consumer Product Safety Commission hotline at 800-638-2772, or contact them online here.

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