Do your homework when choosing a snow removal company

Get a contract and understand the terms before signing up

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Detroit -  The first real snow of the season could have many people considering a snow removal service for their business or home, but the Better Business Bureau has a warning before anyone pays for service.

  1. When signing up for a snow removal service, the BBB suggests following this advice to avoid getting scammed:
    Choose a reliable company.  People can check businesses on the BBB's website by clicking here.
  2. Get a written estimate and compare it to other companies.  Compare the service they offer with how much they charge.  The BBB said price is not always the most important factor.
  3. Make sure their is a written contract that includes one or two phone numbers, provides a start and stop date for service and when the snow removal occurs.  For example, will snow be removed when there is two or more inches of snow?
  4. The company should be insured and get assurances it will clean up any lawn damage in the spring.  
  5. Discuss payment terms including paying monthly instead of everything up front.
  6. If the company does not do it, put stakes or markers on the boundaries of the driveway to minimize the risk of damage when the snow plows and snow blowers get to work.

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