Don't let thieves hit your doorstep

Ruth to the Rescue offers tips on avoiding package thefts

DETROIT - With more and more people doing their holiday shopping online, more and more packages could be at risk from thieves who would brazenly steal the boxes delivered to your doorstep.

Local 4 showed you some of those thefts caught on tape, and some packages were recently taken from a home in Sterling Heights.

Watch: Packages swiped from Sterling Heights doorsteps

It's frustrating and outrageous that thieves would stroll up to your home and take your deliveries. There are steps you can take to prevent the bad guys from getting away with the good.

Ruth to the Rescue checked with the Better Business Bureau here in Southeast Michigan. The agency sent this list of measures you can take to protect your holiday deliveries, and packages you have delivered all year long.

· See if the store has the ability to allow you to track your purchases. If so, do so and often until you receive the merchandise. Contact the store immediately if not received when indicated.
· If you know you will not be at home, consider having your items shipped to your place of employment or to a trusted neighbor or friend.
· Try and request a delivery time when you know you will be home if possible.
· Ask the package delivery company to put your purchases somewhere they cannot be seen from the street, e.g. back porch, behind the back door, etc.
· See if you can arrange to pick up your items at the package delivery company's place of operations.
· Request a signature upon delivery. This makes it harder on you but also harder on those who would want to steal your merchandise.
· When you do receive your merchandise examine it immediately. If you believe it's been tampered with, contact the store immediately.

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