Families seek quality time on vacation

Families face pressure to make vacations count

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DETROIT - Parents today are working long hours, doing housework and running errands. In addition, they're trying to find ways to maximize the so-called quality time they spend with their children.

And, it's not like the kids are sitting at home alone. Our children are involved in more extra-curricular activities than we ever were.

A new Disney Time Survey, conducted by Kelton, found many parents face huge challenges getting that "quality time" day-to-day.

According to the survey, out of 52 weeks a year, on average, parents say they only have 15 free weekends and 13 percent have no free weekends. That means families are placing a huge value on vacation time.

Ruth to the Rescue is looking for parents and children that would be willing to talk about their busy lives, and if they're sometimes trying to make their family vacations even more special because they're busy all year long.

Spring Break Families

We are also looking for some families whose teenage children are heading off on Spring Break this year!

The Ruth to the Rescue team is hoping to do a story connected to this annual tradition that sends many teenagers searching for sun and fun on the beach.

If you have any interest in helping us with either story, send a message through Facebook or send an email to ruthtotherescue@clickondetroit.com.

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