FiveFinger Shoe Refunds Coming

Shoe Company Settles Over Health Claims

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They could be the most unusual shoes you'll ever see on the running path, but many runners have jumped in the FiveFinger shoes, from Vibram. 

Now that company has agreed to offer refunds to customers to settle a class-action suit that argued the company's health benefit claims went too far.

The lawsuit maintained that Vibram misrepresented health research to advertise its shoes, convincing consumers to purchase the shoes at prices that ranged from $80 to $125. The suit was filed in March 2012.

Vibram denies any wrongdoing but is expected to offer refunds between $20 and $50. Proof of purchase is not required unless buyers submit claims for more than two pairs. Consumers will be able to file claims at the website, but the site hasn't gone live yet.

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