Look for these pre-holiday discounts

November bargains meant to get consumers in store early

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DETROIT - Timing is everything for good deals.

In November, stores know you may be looking for some Thanksgiving cookware. So, look for discounts on pots and pans the stores offer to get you in the door.

"So I think people are always looking for sales at the holiday, and cookware is often featured in sales at that time of the year." said one employee at a cooking store.

While high demand drives those bargains, it's just the opposite for wedding dresses. Demand is lower in November, and bridal shops are getting ready for next season, which means they want to clear out last year's models.

"December, product is already being received... so we want the things off our shelves by Thanksgiving," said Janell Verte, who works in a bridal store.

You could see some shops give you up to 40 percent off, or stores may throw in discounts on accessories.

Time to make travel plans

The same mentality goes for travel all across the map, the beginning of November can be slow which will ship savings your way.

"Hotels might have a lot of excess inventory so they drop the price, or a cruise line has a lot of extra cabins and they drop the price." said travel agent Shawn Dalani. He also says now is the time to book summer vacations.

If you're staying home for the holidays? November is the best time to buy furniture.

"Everybody starts to go inside. So, everybody starts to look at the interior of their house and think- "Oh my gosh it's time for us to get a new sofa, it's time for us to get some new end tables and it's time for us to really freshen up.'"

This time of year, cash discounts and deals on financing can all on the table.

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