Report: Average Michigan family spends 8 percent of its budget in auto insurance

Michigan drivers pay, on average, $4,400 a year, more than any other state

If you drive in Michigan, you know about the high-cost of auto insurance.  But when you hear how much more we pay, it might drive you a little crazy.

An auto insurance website says the average Michigan family spends eight percent of its budget just to get behind the wheel of a car. says Michigan drivers pay, on average, more than $4,400 a year for auto insurance.

Nancy Cain, spokesperson for Michigan AAA, says that number seems little too high to her.

"The one thing we would say is that Michigan has higher insurance rates than many states because we have the best no-fault law in the nation with unlimited medical coverage," says Cain.

Comparison to nearby states is startling

According to the website, Ohio residents pay about $1,100 a year.  In Indiana, the average is around $1,200.  Finally, in Illinois, the average cost of auto insurance is $1,700.

On average, auto insurance in those states is less than three percent of the family budget.

Massachusetts, according to the report, is the most budget-friendly state for auto insurance.

Why do we pay so much more?

Cain says when no-fault started back in the 1970s and with medical costs rising since then, the cost of auto insurance is more than people may have realized.

"We are paying for these medical costs," says Cain. "To get the best care, you're paying more."

Some drivers say they would appreciate some flexibility.

"I mean, I think people should be able to have the option," says Michigan driver Marlene Scott. "I don't know what I would choose if I had to sit down and choose, but it would be nice to have the choice."

To view the report and compare rates for other U.S. States, click here.

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