Ruth to the Rescue explores holiday travel deals

Travel deals could mean dream vacations if you know where to look

DETROIT - Flying away for the holidays can be a good way to avoid stress on the home front.

Alison Hollister, of South Lyon, talked with Ruth to the Rescue as she strolled down Main Street in Royal Oak.

"We always go up north for Christmas, so ... I-75 can be crazy," she said.

Of course, going out of state during December can also be hectic, but it doesn't have to bust your budget. David Fishman, of the Cadillac Travel Group in Southfield, says there are a lot of deals out there for Christmas travel.

He pointed us in the direction of some tempting bargains, starting with the wide open seas. "Consistently, the most cost-effective deals have always been in cruising," said Fishman.

Here are some of the cruise deals Fishman picked for the week of Christmas.

*December 22: 7-day Western Caribbean out of New Orleans, Inside cabin for $799.07 per person, including taxes
*December 24: 4-day Bahamas Trips out of Miami, Inside cabin for $498.96 per person, including taxes
*December 30: 7-day Southern Caribbean out of Panama, Inside cabin for $757.80 per person, including taxes

Travel Challenge Now, and In 2013

Fishman says the big challenge the challenge for cruising this year is finding a good air fare. "The main challenge has been the availability of seats...less seats, the price will just naturally go up," he told Ruth to the Rescue.

Unfortunately for travelers, that problem could get even worse in 2013. Fishman says airlines could be trimming available seats for another 6% in the new year. That could mean even higher fares in 20-13.

All-Inclusive Bargains

That's one reason the Cadillac Travel Group looks for holiday bargains at all-inclusive resorts. Fishman pointed to some of the deals below as good examples of trips that include air fare, hotel, and transfer fees.

*7 Nights in Cancun, Deluxe Garden View, $3,204.72 for two people, with a $1,500 Resort Credit for spa treatments or other extras
*7 Nights in Punta Cana- Junior Suite, $3,576.98 for two people

Dream Vacation Requests

We asked some Metro-Detroiters what their dream vacation would be at Christmas.

"I would love to go to New York at Christmas time, especially with the large tree or like the dropping of the ball at Times Square," said Katie Trout of Lake Orion.

"New York over New Year's has always been difficult, difficult one to get, but Christmas you have more options," said David Fishman of Southfield's Cadillac Travel Group. See the packages he found below.

*Christmas Trip: 3 nights, 3 star hotel, air fare, transfers for $610 per person, 4 star hotel- $636, 5 star hotel $720
*New Year's Trip: 4 star hotel, air fare, transfers $1350.00

Another traveler had a bigger dream. "Definitely, either Australia or Hawaii, somewhere you could surf or something," said Robert Geck, also of Lake Orion.

We had the Cadillac Travel Group look at a Christmas trip to Australia. As you can imagine, that dream vacation was a little more expensive.

*6 Nights in Sydney and Cairns, Airfare from L.A. to Australia $4,079 per person. Add in air fare from Detroit to L.A. for about $514.60

Extra Savings

Of course, all those prices are subject to change until you book your travel. Fishman says his agency is also uniquely qualified to offer additional savings. The Cadillac Travel Group can offer $275 to $300 off qualifying package deals. So, he might be able to help you save even more.

His website is

Finally, if you don't mind staying closer to home, Fishman says there are plenty of hotel deals up north. The shorter trips also eliminate the need for any air transportation.

Happy Trails and Happy Holidays!

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