Ruth to the Rescue helps 2 women solve consumer problems

Frustrated customers thank Ruth to the Rescue for help getting them quick relief

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Sharon Ryan has lived in Waterford a long time and she's also been a loyal AT&T customer.

"We've been customers probably since 1960, 1961," she told Ruth to the Rescue.

Back in May, she says reported static on her phone line and was told there would be a $99 charge if a service person came into the house. A few workers came out to help resolve the issue. Only one came into the house, but Sharon was charged for two visits, and she wanted a $99 refund.

"We have never missed paying a bill since 1960. Yet I have one time when I need them to respond to me and everybody seem to shuffle it and shuffle it, and I never got a response," said Sharon Ryan of Waterford.

Ruth to the Rescue Gets Results

However, Sharon says 24 hours after Ruth to the Rescue got involved, she was told she would get her money back, and she did. AT&T says due to privacy concerns it does not comment on customer accounts.

Sharon says she's sold on Ruth to the Rescue. "We find that everything you say you do, you do! And this time you proved it."

Vacation Dissatisfaction

Terri Lakin of Lincoln Park loves her German sheperd Bohdi. She also likes to take him on vacation, which is one reason she and her husband bought a membership with Outdoor Adventures.

"And we thought this would be a really nice place, cause it's not too far. We can go on vacation, have fun, take the dog," she told Ruth to the Rescue.

Terri says the company offered vacations in either cabins or tents. And, when she joined she was told there were plenty of cabins to go around-- but she says getting a reservation was very difficult.

"If there was anything that was available it was either tents instead of cabins, we couldn't take our dog, cause there was no dog friendly ones and we were just really unhappy," said Terri.

Eventually, Terri said she wanted out of the five year contract. "I tried to speak to the owner so I could let him know how dissatisfied I was, and they wouldn't even let me talk to him."

After Ruth to the Rescue got involved, Outdoor Adventures not only cancelled the contract, but refunded all the money Terri had paid, about 13-hundred dollars.

"Thank you Ruth to the Rescue!" Terri said with a laugh.

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