Ruth to the Rescue: Pickup impound

Harrison Township man's truck Impounded for 7 Months

By Tony Statz - Producer


Randy Rowan says his life changed forever when he was involved in a fatal four vehicle crash at Groesbeck and 15 Mile on February 27, 2013. He says two cars smashed into each other and he got hit in the chain reaction.

Rowan says he was not ticketed, not charged in the case, but he was still waiting to get his truck back.

"Head-on collision, he sprung back, hit the bed of my truck, and spun me around while I was going down Groesbeck," said Rowan of Harrison Township. "I was shooken up, um, scared," he said.

Clinton Township police took Rowan's statement at the scene and then took his F-150 pickup into custody as part of the investigation.

Rowan hasn't seen his truck in almost seven months, and says police couldn't or wouldn't tell him when he might get it back.

"Basically, you're bouncing me over here, bouncing me back, and nobody still, nobody can give me an answer: why I'm not having my truck released to me yet," said Rowan.

Investigation Questions:

Rowan says he understands there had to be an investigation, but he was told the woman who was killed was at fault in the accident. He says her insurance company even gave him a check for 500 dollars, so what was taking so long to release his truck?

"I want an answer. Why you have it, and why you're not releasing it to me," he said.

Ruth to the Rescue on the case:

Rowan's parents first contacted Ruth to the Rescue asking for help, and the consumer unit started making calls to find out if there was some reason the car was still in custody.

Had there been an oversight? Was there still evidence pending that required the truck to be held?

After not getting any answers on the phone, Local 4 Consumer Expert Ruth Spencer dropped by the Clinton Township Police Department.

She stopped at the front desk, telling the officer on duty, "Somebody's called our station, the Ruth to the Rescue unit to see if perhaps we could expedite the car being released from the impound lot?"

At that time the department said no one could answer questions on camera.

However, there was good news to share with Randy Rowan.

It turned out the police had released his truck. Ruth to the Rescue spoke to someone at the storage lot and was told the orders to release the truck came down Thursday afternoon, just hours after the consumer unit started calling the police department.

Local 4 Consumer Expert Ruth Spencer checked in with Rowan's dad, Bob, who couldn't believe the change of events. He said it was nothing short of miraculous that the truck was suddenly released.

"Over, well almost 8 months of calls to the police station, no satisfaction. Now all of the sudden bingo bango --couple from calls from you guys and here we are!" said Bob Rowan.

At 5:30 p.m. on Friday evening, Rowan told Ruth to the Rescue his F-150 had been moved to the body shop, where mechanics could start working on repairs Monday.

He's thrilled to have his truck out of the impound, and looks forward to getting it back on the road.

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