Ruth to the Rescue roundup: Problems solved

Ruth to the Rescue helps solve headstone delay, wheelchair woes

DETROIT - Sometimes when consumers reach the end of their rope with a business, they call Ruth to the Rescue for help.

That's what happened to Barbara Diroff of Clinton Township. Barbara's father died in 2006, her mother passed away 11 months ago. Barbara wanted her mother's headstone installed as soon as possible.

"In January, I set up for the grave, the stone to be put down, they said about six weeks," Barbara told Ruth to the Rescue.

Unfortunately, that six weeks eventually became six months, and then even longer. Barbara says she kept asking the cemetery Cadillac Memorial Gardens East in Clinton Township to get her mother's stone in place, but it wasn't getting done.

"For it, not to be down, for me to come and visit. I was very upset," she said.

Ruth to the Rescue Helps

Finally, Barbara contacted Ruth to the Rescue. The Rescue unit called the cemetery on her behalf. They admitted there had been a mix up, promised the stone would be delivered, and it was. We gave Barbara the good news.

"Wonderful, because now I can come talk to them, and I know they're there, cause I can see them both."

Her parents, together for 63 years in life, she says now finally resting peacefully, together again.

"I would recommend Ruth to the Rescue to anyone that has a problem," a grateful Barbara said after seeing the headstone together for the first time.

Wheelchair Delivery Delay

Mary Withorn of Warren also called Ruth to the Rescue for help. "Nobody was giving me any answers," she told Ruth to the Rescue.

She has used a wheelchair since 2004 after a devastating bout with West Nile Virus. When her old chair was broken down, she ordered a new one from Beaumont Home Medical back in May.

Mary went for measurements for the custom fit wheelchair and even started receiving bills, but was still waiting the chair to be delivered in October.

"I was a little frustrated because these bills were not small, they were huge, and I kept calling," she told Ruth to the Rescue.

The rescue unit called Beaumont, and Mary says things quickly took a turn. She received two calls from people at Beaumont telling her the matter would be taken care of. Beaumont discovered a problem with Mary's paperwork, got her papers in order, and ordered the wheelchair. After waiting months,Mary was told it would now be only weeks until the delivery.

The chair, first ordered in May, was delivered on November 8th.

"It sure is nice to be able to rely on somebody to give you any help, when you can get anywhere," said Mary after her experience with Ruth to the Rescue.

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