Ruth to the Rescue: Wedding dress disaster

Romeo bride contacts Ruth to the Rescue with wedding dress crisis

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A mother of three from Romeo has been looking forward to saying "I do" to her fiancee for some time.

"I sometimes envision myself standing there in front of him and saying our vows to each other, knowing he's going to be here the rest of my life, " says soon-to-be bride, Christina Schultz, of her soon-to-be groom, Phil.

However, she says a Shelby Township bridal shop has not made it easy.

Placing the order

Christina Schultz says she and her bridesmaids placed their dress orders with Nicole Michaels Bridal and Formal in Shelby Township in early July. They ordered the wedding gown, nine bridesmaid dresses, and extra fabric to make bolero jackets.

"It was kind of hectic trying to get them all together and do that," Says Christina Schultz.

The bridesmaids each paid about 185 dollars, including extra money for rush delivery. The bride put down 650 dollars for her dress, a 60 percent deposit on the full price of the dress.

They wedding party expected the bridesmaid dresses in August, but that was not to be.

Bridal battle begins

As of October, Christina Schultz and her bridesmaids still don't have single dress in their possession While they were told eight bridesmaid dresses were ready, one dress in the set was not.

Schultz says because all the dresses have to match, not having one dress is no better than missing nine dresses. On top of that, Christina says she couldn't get a good progress report on her dress.

She says she was very disturbed when a clerk at Nicole Michaels showed her these UPS tracking printouts. Schultz says they seem to show the dresses were shipped to the store on Aug. 6, but weren't delivered when the driver couldn't collect funds.

Dress stress continues

The store's owner, Nicole Michaels, on business in Chicago, spoke to consumer expert Ruth Spencer on the phone. Michaels denies Christina Schultz's claim.

"The order was not correct, and when they first came to the salon, I was not there. We sent them back to the company because the order was not correct," says Nicole Michaels.

With Ruth probing further, repeating the question, "What was wrong with them?" Michaels only repeats, "the order was not correct."

Wedding day expectations

Christina Schultz says she can't wait any longer for delivery, and that she's already found replacement dresses for the wedding party.

As it stands Nicole Michaels is only offering a refund for the rush delivery fees, and a fee waiver for individual alterations.

"Her dress will be there on time for her wedding. We absolutely told her that we would include the alterations free of charge. We also told her that we would give her bridesmaids that their alterations free of charge," says Nicole Michaels.

Christina Schultz says that offer isn't good enough. The bride says she's moving on with her backup plans and that the bridesmaids who paid with credit cards plan to dispute the charges with their banks.

Her words for the storeowner: "Please don't make this any more stressful for me. Just give me my money back."

Christina plans to move forward with her backup plan to buy outfits for the bridesmaids and a new dress at other stores.

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