Saving money through online shopping

Ruth to the Rescue shares secrets to getting cash back

By Tony Statz - Producer

Since the recession, families are always looking for ways to save more money. Many bargain hunters have found that shopping online offers even more opportunities to boost the family budget.

One bargain-hunting mother recently shared some of the online shopping secrets that help her buy the products she needs for her husband and two toddlers.

"I'm a big fan of the Groupons and the Living Social for local things, places to take the kids, places to eat," said Erika Desimone of New Jersey.

While Desimone admits she's an insomniac who spends a lot of time surfing the internet, she says it's time well spent.

Money Back Websites

She said she even shops on websites that offer cash back, including, and

"I think over the last three years, I've got like $1,500 accumulation in cash back," Desmone said. "They also offer a referral link, so you can refer via your Facebook, social media, your friends via email and anyone else that signs up, every time they buy and earn, you earn a percentage and it just keeps growing."

CouponCactus employees receive commission for every purchase made and share that with customers through their cash back feature, according to their website.

Erika tries to save money on everything, buying rugs for her home from and shoes for the whole family.

"A lot of the time they offer free return shipping, so you can buy two, three, four of them, try them on, keep the ones you want and return the others," Desimone said.

She recommended that people who like designer items to visit, and

She and her husband own rental property which was damaged by Hurricane Sandy and needed to purchase new home furniture for it, online. She said places like Home Depot and Sears offer cash back.

"I ordered everything from floor tiles, to vanities, to bunk beds, even mattresses," Desimone said.

She said online ordering is much easier for her because she can find exactly what she needs. More websites she uses for bargains are and which both offer apparel and home decor.

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