Verizon's Share Everything plan debuts

Cellphone company offers new choices for customers

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DETROIT - Verizon wireless is stepping up the competition by offering what is calls Share Everything plans.

Under the new plans users pay for a pool of wireless data every month and can have up to 10 devices on the plan.

Share Everything plans literally share everything. Users will choose the amount of data they want, how many devices, and which types. One thing users won't have to choose is how many minutes they want: minutes and texting are unlimited.

A user can chose how many gigabytes they want, ranging anywhere from 1 gigabyte for $50 to 10 gigabytes for $100.

The cost of adding each device varies: a user can add a smartphone for $40, non-smartphone for $30, laptop, USB data stick or mobile hotspot for $20, or a tablet for $10.

How it compares to traditional plans

A spokesman for Verizon shared some price comparisons with Ruth to the Rescue. The examples should give you some idea if one of the plans might be right for you, or your family.

For a single person using one smartphone with unlimited calling, texting and 2 gigabytes of data: The current plan would cost $120 per month. The Share Everything plan costs $100.

For a couple juggling two smartphones with unlimited calling, texting and 4 gigabytes of data: The current plan would cost $210 per month. Share everything costs $150.

For a busy family using two smartphones sharing 700 minutes, 1,000 text messages per line and 2 gigabytes of data per line: the current plan costs $150 per month. Share Everything costs $130 and offers unlimited calling and texting, and 1 gigabyte of data, shared. But if you need more data you can upgrade to 4 gigabytes for $150 per month, getting more for your money.

There are scenarios where the current plan might be better for you, so all customers need to weigh their options carefully. The plans are being offered to current and new Verizon customers.

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