Warren homeowner gets run-around from subcontractor after wedding ring goes missing

Owner of Kurtis Kitchen, Bath Centers says company not responsible for subcontract workers

WARREN, Mich. - Jennifer Ciampa is a wife and mother living in Warren. She says an inheritance from her parents made it possible to build a new kitchen in her home.

She says she wanted something that helps her remember them.

"I wanted something that I could see every day. I was happy to get this done and now its just heartache." she now says of the renovation.

Back on August 2nd, in the middle of the renovation, she noticed her wedding ring was missing. She says the ring is a priceless symbol of her marriage. "My husband and I went in, in front of a priest, got married, got it blessed- and that's our sacred vow."

Suspicion Grows

When she couldn't find the ring, Jennifer came to believe one of the workers, hired by a subcontractor, may have taken it. "Because that was the two people who were supposed to be in my house that day," she told Ruth to the Rescue.

Jennifer says the ring was in a cabinet over the toilet easily accessible to someone who may have been using the bathroom. She also says one of the men, hired by a subcontractor, has a criminal record.
We checked with the Michigan Department of Corrections and verified, the man identified by Jennifer, is on parole and has a record that includes three home invasions. Jennifer called the contractor she'd hired, Kurtis Kitchen and Bath Centers, based in Livonia-- believing it might bear some responsibility for the missing ring.

Company Response

"We haven't denied responsibility for it. What we've been working on is trying to complete our investigation of it," said Kevin Kurkowski, the Controllerfor Kurtis Kitchen and Bath Centers.

He says after two months it too soon to rush to judgment in this case, and wants to know more before deciding how to help Jennifer.

"Just because he's a felon doesn't necessarily make him guilty in this situation," said Kurkowski.

However, he says the company is now trying to make sure all the subcontractors are doing background checks on their employees, and he's learned something about insurance coverage.

"I think its assumed that companies are insured for employee theft-- which we're learning on this -- it's kind of a separate rider." he told Ruth to the Rescue.

We have tried contacting the subcontractor whose employee had access to Jennifer's home, he has not returned our calls. Jennifer still feels Kurtis should step up.

"Because they hired the people that came into my house. We trusted Kurtis. That's why we hired them." said Jennifer.

Protecting Yourself

Ruth to the Rescue contacted an attorney who specializes in construction. He says , generally, contractors don't carry insurance that covers theft.
It's up to homeowners to make sure their policies are up to date to cover theft, and that includes extra riders for things like expensive jewelry.
Jennifer did not have a rider for her ring, and worries her rates will go up if she makes a claim

Warren Police say her story is credible, but have made no arrests, and say the investigation remains open.

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