T-shirt delivery delay, Ruth to the Rescue responds

New business striving to keep customers happy

By Ruth Spencer - Anchor

WESTLAND, Mich. - It's always frustrating when you order something online, pay for it, but it's not delivered in a timely fashion. A Westland man ran into trouble with a local T-shirt company and contacted Ruth to the Rescue for help. We found a growing Detroit business that is willing and eager to make things right.

Bright and bold T-shirts with slogans that allow you to show your love for the city of Detroit or the State of Michigan, is what attracted Matthew Clement to the company's website when he noticed a link on Facebook.

"I have a lot of pride in my hometown and home state," says Matthew Clement of Westland.

He paid about $32 for two shirts from the website "I Am Michigan". That site and the "I Am Detroit" website are part of the same company. However, the company left him waiting, and then waiting some more.

"It was about two weeks later when I still hadn't received the shirts that I ordered that I went onto their Facebook page and noticed that I wasn't the only one with the complaint," says Clement

He had trouble getting updates on the delivery, and just when he thought the T-shirts would show up, they didn't.

"I kind of felt bad that I was upset at them and here they are shipping my order and then when my order didn't come, all that faith went right out the window again," says Matthew Clement of Westland.

Ruth to the Rescue Gets Involved

That's when he contacted "Ruth to the Rescue" for help.

We reached out to company owner Bryan Young and he immediately made sure Clement was taken care of. Young explained why Clement's delivery had been delayed.

"Our whole system crashed and we got it back but it took seven days, and by the time we got it back, obviously he was upset, felt he was treated wrong," says Young.

The proud owner showed us around the new shop the company opened in Downtown Detroit. He says the move into the city has his business booming.

"When we moved here from Livonia our business exploded and we fell behind a little bit. But we've put a lot of new processes in place, we're hired three new full-time employees, we've invested in new equipment," said Bryan Young.

The jump in demand is one reason the system crashed. This T-shirt team says things are back on track with customers posting more positive comments on Facebook.

"Now, it's starting to get the exact opposite effect, where it's starting to stack up with people: 'I got my shirt in two days! I love it!", Young told Ruth to the Rescue.

We didn't see any rave reviews when we checked the company's Facebook pages on July 14th  but we also didn't see any new complaints.

Customer Satisfaction

As for Matthew Clement, he stopped by the Local 4 station to show us the T-shirts he ordered, which were delivered after we got involved. In addition he received a full refund and the two extra T-shirts for his troubles.

Clement is grateful to the company and Ruth to the Rescue: "There was... immediate action after you guys stepped, and I'm quite certain wouldn't have happened otherwise."

Full Company Statement

The T-shirt company also released this statement to Ruth to the Rescue:

"When we started I Am Detroit in 2011, we never anticipated we would have the success we have had. Since we have moved to our Fort and Cass location in May our orders have quadrupled and we have had to hire quite a few people to keep up with demands. A new manager is now handing our online orders. All of our clothing is screen printed right in the back of our store. We thank each and every one of you for your support and your business. We understand there has been some delays in our shipping process and we are working to get everything fulfilled. If you have not received your order or have a question about your order please call us at 313-262-6162, send us a message, or stop by to see us at 450 W. Fort St. Detroit, Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Again, thank you all for your support and supporting local business.





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