Website wants you to earn cash for your commercial exposure

HitBliss hopes its users will earn, spend and enjoy bliss

There is little escape from advertising, but one website wants to pay you for exposure to it. is a new website that lets users earn money by watching brand message videos.

"You can consume a few ads maybe at work or while you are waiting to do something else," said Sharon Peyer, founder of

According to, people earn money by engaging with personalized ads, they can apply the cash they earn to charges they make in HitBliss's store and then watch the videos on their computer, or HDTV.

The more someone interacts, the more potential they have to earn money. Interactions can just be a confirmation with the website asking 'Are you there?,' but people could also be required to do a little more.

"Sometimes there are things that they'll ask for, like a clip or a quick poll response," said Peyer.

 The website said users can skip a brand or its message if they don't like it or seek out specific categories like electronics or auto.

The money earned can be spent in the store which is filled with TV shows and movies.

Peyer said the website's users also have control over their online profiles.

"As you opt in, to include information about yourself like your demographic behaviors or your web search behaviors, or your browsing you can see that your potential to earn cash credit grows," said Peyer.

According to, the studios like the idea because they're offering content to viewers faster than on some other sites.

"They can actually get movies two years before Netflix can screen them to you. They can get TV shows a year before Netflix can stream them to them," said Peyer. is still in beta testing, which means people need an invitation to join, but Peyer said anyone who asks will be allowed to participate.

HitBliss is also working on a mobile version for its consumers.

"We believe people will be, you know, on the subway or on the bus consuming messages at their discretion, earning a little bit of money at the same time and then maybe going home at night, kicking back, being in lean back mode and using their earned cash to pay for movies and TV shows," said Peyer.

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