Worst product flops of 2012

24/7 Wall Street list worst product flops of last year

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DETROIT - Each year brings a list of products that are hugely successful, like the iPhone 5, and movies that break records at the box office such as "The Avengers."

There are also products that don't do as well as hoped.

The website 24/7 Wall Street has compiled a list of the worst flops of last year.

  1. Apple Map App

    Apple has a reputation for success, but the company's map app was one idea that went awry. Apple decided to replace Google maps during a system upgrade. It's own app was met with confusion and complaints, prompting a public apology from Apple's CEO. Google Maps later returned to the App Store, and quickly became the hottest download.

  2. Chrysler's Dodge Dart

    Chrysler hoped the Dart would be a strong competitor for the Honda Civic and Toyota Camry, but it didn't work out that way. Dart sales have been slow, and 24/7 calls it the second biggest flop of the year.

  3. Movie: "John Carter"

    The sci-fi fantasy cost $350 million to make and to market, but only made 30 million.

  4. Sony Tablet P

    Sony was attempting to make the tablet an even more portable experience. However, the P received some horrible reviews. Poor sales pushed the prices down, and the company is no longer selling the tablet on its American website.

  5. Nokia Lumia 900

    The phone debuted at just $100 with a two year contract, but sales never really took off. A common criticism was that the screen's resolution was weaker than other phones, and there was a shortage of apps. Nokia has struggled to grab a share of the smartphone market. One  research group put Nokia's share at just 4.3%

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