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PRIZE -  FREE Tuition for the DIME Summer School Program.    


Summer School runs from August 25th-29th from 10am-4pm.

The summer school is a week long music course designed to help enthusiastic musicians gain some confidence in playing in front of an audience on a stage, through a professional backline and PA system. We will also show you how to organize your practice in a logical and effective way, as well as show you some of the tricks the professionals use to sound consistent and be impressive and effective in a gig or studio situation.


The atmosphere is relaxed and supportive. We welcome musicians with little prior experience and we can help you sound much more accomplished very quickly with the right kind of support and direction.

You will study in a guitar, bass drum or vocal class for some of the time and also in mixed groups for band performance. Networking will be a big part of the course and we will encourage you to form your own bands and continue your musical journey together when the course finishes. 

RESTRICTIONS: Open to all U.S. residents 13 years of age and older. Some experience in guitar, drums, bass, or vocals suggested. 

VALUE OF PRIZE : $299 (Cost of course)

REDEEMING PRIZE: Winner will redeem their prize by emailing their personal contact information to or by coming in to the pop-up space with a valid ID and the printed winner's notification email.