Achieve your curly hair dreams with this $50 curling rod

Always running late? Create breachy curls with this quick ceramic curling rod. (Sultra Beauty)

As fun as they are, hairstyles like blowouts, braids, straightening and curling can take a lot of time and effort to put together.

Luckily, there are curling rods with technology that lets you achieve the classic hairstyle in half the time of traditional methods.

The Sultra Bombshell 1″ Clipless Curling Rod implements advanced care ceramic technology and a dual heater system to curl your hair with speed and ease. This tool improves on traditional “clip” curling irons, reducing the time it takes to curl your hair and avoiding curl lines.

The Bombshell harnesses the power of negative irons and near-infrared rays to smooth and curl your hair. It protects your hair against potential heat damage with advanced care ceramic technology as well; with a constant temperature of 395° F, its dual heater system evenly distributes heat to your hair.

To curl your hair with this rod, all you have to do is wrap 1-inch sections of your hair around it, wait eight seconds, release and repeat. The automatic shutoff function will be there for you if you ever forget to unplug when you’re done.

Whether you’re getting ready for school, work, a date or a big event, the Bombshell will be there for you to give you luscious curls every time, without making you late. With an average of 4.3 out of 5-star reviews on Amazon, this curling rod has the approval of real-life users. There’s a reason it’s called “the bombshell.” Curls are timeless and elegant: a great way to add some zest to a special outfit or going-out look.

This summer, show off some beachy curls with a curling rod that takes half the time traditional ones do. Usually priced at $99, the Sultra Bombshell 1″ Clipless Curling Rod is on sale, marked down 49% to just $49.99.

Prices subject to change.