Start a T-shirt merch side business with this course bundle for just $29

Get your merch business up and running with the help of this guide. (Jeff Sheldon/Unsplash)

Sell your art, promote your business, and support your brand with merch by creating, marketing and selling your own T-shirts.

While you could just take some shots in the dark, there are specific ways you can ensure that you make high-quality products and run a successful side business.

The Create Your Own T-Shirt Side Business Bundle walks you through the best practices to start a creative side hustle, even if you lack resources or prior experience. Right now it’s on sale for just $29.99, which is far lower than its total value, which nears $1,400. This bundle includes 7 courses and 148 total lessons to provide you with the best tips and tricks for everything from designing the shirt to printing it to maintaining a highly-trafficked online store.

If you’re looking for an overview, the Teespring Mastery Course has 31 lectures on the steps you need to take to launch your successful business. For information on the design and manufacturing side, courses focusing on working with Canva, Teespring and SunFrog show you how to take your slogan, art or logo and turn it into real shirts that you can sell on a large scale.

Set up an independent online store or sell your merch through Amazon, Redbubble, Teespring and other e-commerce sites. Courses in this bundle show you how to optimize your time and resources to efficiently sell your shirts online. Build a strong marketing strategy with tips from experienced sellers and experts in their field that focus specifically on online t-shirt sales.

Courses in this bundle have received averages of over 4/5 stars and they’re taught by well-informed instructors who know the world of online retail. Learn from their experience and market research with these seven in-depth courses.

Valued at $1393, the Create Your Own T-Shirt Side Business Bundle is a deal when bundled. It’s on sale for just $29.99. Get your business off the ground and start earning passive income with this deep dive into the world of custom t-shirt sales.

Prices subject to change.