Capture summer memories with this mini selfie stick

Relive summer vacation memories with this ultra-compact selfie stick. (Electronic Avenue)

There’s a reason selfie sticks are popular. While you might be able to get a good picture of your face with your phone in your hand, things get tricky when you need a wider shot. Selfie sticks give you the extra distance you need to snap the perfect group shot or self-portrait.

The Invisi Mini Selfie Stick gives you the perfect setup for all your selfie-taking enterprises. Though it’s mini, this selfie stick is mighty. It extends up to 26 inches so you can include everyone in your group pics. The one-click operation makes it super simple to use – just point and click the Bluetooth remote button to shoot.

Selfie sticks are for more than just selfies. Use this tool as a general extender to take pictures from different angles. Explore a range of angles with the 90° swivel and options for either landscape or portrait mode. The Invisi Mini is portable and convenient with its compact size, 25-hour battery life and ability to fold up for easy travel.

If you’ve ever seen someone use a selfie stick and wondered what all the hype was about, it’s simple. Selfie sticks are fun. They let you goof off with your friends like you’re in a photo booth. You can use them to take pics without needing to crane your neck.

Selfies are something you might take several times a day, but a selfie stick can make the experience more interesting. Consider selfie-taking as a form of self-portraiture and an immersive way to engage with your surroundings.

Bring a selfie stick to your next hike, night out or vacation. It’ll help you take better pictures and have fun in the process. The Invisi Mini Selfie Stick is on sale for just $29.95, and it’s the perfect way to take your selfie game to the next level.

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