Keep your drinks hot for less cold hard cash

Using smart technology, Smug Mug keeps your beverage at the temperature you want. (StackCommerce)

We’re not sure we would call it an enigma as such, but why is that when we go to take a sip of our coffee after it’s been sitting on the counter for a while and spurt it out when it’s cold, we are disgusted, and yet we will order an iced coffee with joy.

It’s a point to ponder, but more importantly, we want you to be happy. When you want your beverage hot, so it shall be with thanks to the Smug Mug.

It seems that there is actually a science behind why we enjoy our hot drinks. According to a study at the University of Colorado Boulder, holding a hot drink can even make you friendlier. It offers comfort. Even the Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper lives by the sentiment, “when people are upset the cultural convention is to bring them a hot beverage.” Of course, it warms us up on a cold day (and actually can cool you off on a hot day), but again, when you want your beverage hot, don’t settle for anything less.

Using smart technology (yes, the tech invasion has even hit our hot drinks!) Smug Mug keeps your beverage at the temperature you want, from the first sip to the last drop. In fact, it even features a timer that will keep your Smug Mug warm for up to 9 hours. If your cup is running on empty, the gravity induction sensor technology senses that and turns the Mug off automatically after 5 minutes.

Sleek, lightweight, and water-resistant, the Smug Mug is every coffee lover’s, hot chocolate addict’s, tea aficionado’s, and hot toddy fan’s dream come true. No more confusing the senses with a cold drink coming out of what should be a hot cuppa. Regularly retailing at $79, this welcome gadget can be yours for only $32.99. It will not only warm your beverage but your heart as well.

Prices subject to change.