Enjoy Cyber Week prices and get your dog this wicked cool interactive dog toy

This interactive self-moving toy is the perfect companion for your dog while you're working. (StackCommerce)

Working from home is great, especially when you have a dog that you don’t have to leave home alone every day. The only problem with working from home when you have a dog is that they don’t realize that you’re home to work and not to play with them. If only we could explain to them that in order for them to eat, we have to work!

If you have a dog that wants to play while you have work to get done, check out the Cheerble Wicked Ball Cyclone. This fun dog toy is 100% automatic and for a short time, you can grab it on sale as part of our Cyber Week Sale when you use coupon code CYBER20 at checkout.

This interactive self-moving toy is the perfect companion for your dog while you’re working and not only will it keep their brain engaged but it will also give their body some much-needed exercise.

The wicked ball has 3 different modes that you can preset for your dog based on their activity level including gentle, normal, and active. When your dog engages with the toy by hitting the ball with its paw, it will shake or jump and continue to play for intervals of 10 minutes and then take a rest for 30 minutes.

If your dog takes the ball outside in the rain or snow, no need to worry because it has a waterproof outer shell so it won’t get ruined. If you have a dog that’s a heavy chewer, you should always monitor them when playing with this toy, but the Wicked Cyclone Ball does have a protection mechanism that shuts the ball down when the outer shell is opened but

The Cheerble Wicked Ball Cyclone raised an unbelievable 1 million + dollars on Indiegogo and Kickstarter and normally sells for $49. Right now, as part of our Cyber Week sale, you can save 20% off at checkout.

Get the Cheerble Wicked Ball Cyclone for $38.39 (reg. $49) with code CYBER20

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