Show Mom you care This Mother’s Day with 24 long-stem roses for just $44.99

Show Mom you care This Mother's Day with 24 long-stem roses for just $44.99 (via StackCommerce)

TL;DR: Show Mom you care this Mother’s Day with 24 hand-picked long-stem roses for just $44.99 with no additional shipping fees

There’s a reason why gifting that special woman in your life with flowers on Mother’s Day has become the norm. It puts a smile on your mom’s face and lets her know you’re thinking of her. And thanks to great deals like this one on 24 long-stem roses for just $44.99, the choice makes more sense than ever.

While there are lots of flowers to choose from out there, not all of them are special enough to send to your sweet, deserving mother — especially the wilted, picked-through bouquets you’d find at your local market. But unlike those typical flowers, these top-notch, luxury Rose Farmers flowers are hand-picked, ensuring they’re always vibrant and fresh, perfect for telling your mom, aunt, or grandma how much you love her on her special day.

As if this deal on the top-rated 24 long-stem roses for $44.99 wasn’t sweet enough, these hand-picked beauties ship for no extra cost to anywhere in the U.S. (except Alaska and Hawaii), making Mother’s Day a little special for you too! And the best part? You don’t need any special coupon codes.

Getting the stunning Rose Farmers flowers to your mother is simple. After you receive your digital voucher with your purchase, go to the retailer’s website to redeem it. From there, you’ll enter all your delivery details. It’s recommended to put your order in one to two days before your desired date and before May 8, the last day for shipping to guarantee your flowers arrive in time for Mother’s Day.

Show your mom how much you love her with a bouquet of two dozen hand-picked long-stem roses in an array of gorgeous hues without any shipping fees this Mother’s Day.

The 24 Farmer’s Color Choice Long-Stem Roses are just $44.99, shipping included, no additional coupon code required.

Prices subject to change.