Upgrade your furniture without the cost




A lot of people want to have beautiful furniture, but may not have the money to buy it. Take a look at these cheap and easy additions that can make regular furniture new and gorgeous.


Transform that old bookshelf


Take an ordinary bookshelf and make it look like an elegant built in. All you need is some paint, crown molding for the top, and lattice trim to beef up the front and you can turn your basic, bargain bookshelf into a work of art.


Lampshades are versatile


There are a lot of neat things you can do with lampshades. For example, you can replace old ceiling light fixtures with funky, retro lampshades that will give off a warm glow. Or you can paint old lampshades to match the current color scheme of any room.


Create your own bar cart


Start with a simple, cheap bookshelf and add brass casters to the bottom and you have an instant bar cart! To make it even fancier, although it may add on a bit of cost, you can add large brass drawer pulls to serve as handles but they are not necessary.


Reuse old dressers


You can take an old, cheap dresser and turn it into something beautiful. Paint the entire dresser one color and then paint the fronts of the drawers a different color to give it character. To really make it a conversation piece, add a pattern to the sides of the drawers by using scrapbook paper or retro wall paper to give it hidden depths.


Wire basked to end table


Take an old, wired basket, give it a fresh coat of paint and flip it over and you have yourself a brand new end table. Finish it up with a nice piece of wood for the top and your old basket just became a nice accent piece for your room.