Hottest new car features of 2016


Are you shopping for a new car? Check out some car features that Forbes.com ranks as among the best of the 2016 offerings.


Hands Off! Whether we’re ready for it or not, self-driving cars are closer to making their way through rush hour than we think, as close as even a few years away.  In the meantime, features are being released on high-end cars that will bring us very close.


Say “Cheese.” Want all eyes on your kids?  We can help with that!  New cars these days will be coming equipped with front, real and side cameras.


Giving Your Car the Finger. Talk a lot with your hands?  No problem. Thanks to a small infrared camera on the dashboard, the latest version of BMW’s iDrive multimedia control center will allow you to control your dashboard with a wave of your hand.


That’s Infotainment. Sometimes, operating new cars’ media control interfaces is like trying to drive a spaceship.  Now, new cars will be offering Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity systems that will allow drivers to use interfaces they are more familiar with.


Open Sesame. Already getting us halfway there with being able to open trunks and tailgates with a wave of a foot, select 2016 Hyundai models will take you one step closer.  As long as the key is in your pocket, you can open the trunk simply by standing beside it for a few seconds.