What to hunt in the summer months


While the summer months can be considered off-months for hunters, there are still some prey you might want to set your sights on over the summer.


Squirrels: While a lot of hunters desire the larger game, there are plenty of small animals to hunt. Squirrel hunting requires very little equipment and can make for a fun outing.


Prairie Dogs: Like squirrels, prairie dogs require very little equipment. Hunting these can also improve your marksmanship skills.


Woodchucks: Woodchuck hunting has decline in popularity over the years, but it provides a great test for hunters. Hunters can work on their long-range skills and can also work on stalking.


If this summer game isn’t peaking your interesting, consider using the months to train your dog. You can have your dog learn to hunt and retrieve the likes of pheasants, working on bringing the catch back to you.