Winter driving features your car should have



Driving in the cold, snow, sleet and ice can be challenging over the winter months. However, some features in your car can make your commute easier and safer.

Traction control: Traction control can help your car move forward on slippery surfaces. This can benefit drivers who find their wheels spinning when trying to move forward after being stopped at an icy intersection.

Antilock brakes: Antilock brakes help keep your car under control by preventing the wheels from locking and skidding. The ABS also shortens the distance it may take your car to come to a stop. 

Electronic stability system: Electronic stability systems can help keep your car driving on its intended path. If the system senses that your car is fishtailing, it will use the ABS brakes to steer your car back on its intended course.

All-wheel drive: On snowy days all-wheel drive can help commuters drive uphill and maneuver your vehicle over on and off-ramps on the highway.

Winter tires: Winter tires help your car get more traction on ice and snow. While these are great during the winter months, they must be removed during the warmer months to prevent wear and tear on the tires.