Skiing vs. snowboarding: Which is right for you?


For adults trying to pick up a new winter sport, which is best, skiing or snowboarding? Take a look at some tips to decide which is best for you.

Both skiing and snowboarding can be great sports during the winter. They allow you to be outdoors, to enjoy the thrill of going downhill and to socialize with friends and family.

Snowboarding can be challenging for beginners as riders do not have poles, so balance can be a problem initially. Snowboarding can be easier on riders’ knees than skiing, but it can be tough on a person’s wrists, especially as riders may find themselves falling more often as they are learning the sport. When first starting to snowboard, it can be difficult to stand up. Both feet are strapped onto the board, so it can take some practice to learn how to get back up after falling.

Skiing can provide beginners with more control going down hills as their feet are apart to allow for easier stopping, starting and turning. Skiers also have the benefit of poles to assist with their balance. However, snowboarding can also provide a fun challenge and adrenaline-raising activity.