What are the best flowers for Mother's Day?


Are you planning on giving your mom flowers this Mother’s Day? Before you place your order take a look at which flowers are best for mom.


Roses: Roses are often associated with Mother’s Day. Roses were sacred to the Greek goddess Isis, who is considered to be the ideal mother. Roses also symbolize the Virgin Mary.


Lilacs: Lilacs represent the love between a mother and a child.


Irises: Irises are supposed to symbolize affection and warmth. They are also often associated with the Virgin Mary.


Orchids: Orchids represent beauty. In China, they are also a symbol for many children.


Carnations: Carnations are thought to be a symbol of a mother’s eternal love.


Tulips: Tulips are a popular flower for Mother’s Day because they are often associated with spring.


Lilies: A spring flower, lilies are often used in Mother’s Day bouquets.