How to protect your car from summer heat




The hot summer temperatures can be hard on your vehicle. Get tips on how to keep your car running in the summer heat.


Keep car’s interior cool while parked: Parking your car in the hot sun can cause damage to your car’s interior. It can also cause the inside of your car to heat up to high temperatures. To protect your car and block out some heat, consider putting a sun shade in the windshield while the car is parked.


Park in the shade: Parking in the shade can also help keep the car’s interior cool. This will prevent the sun from shining into the car.


Check the battery: Make sure your battery is in good shape to keep your car starting in high temperatures.


Check the coolant: Coolant helps prevent your engine from overheating. As high temperatures move in, make sure your coolant is properly filled.


If you can, avoid the heat: If the temperatures are expected to be really high, and you’re worried about your car’s performance, try to avoid driving during the hottest times of the day. Instead, try to run errands and travel during the morning or evening hours.