How to prepare days before a race


With the start of the fall season comes various running events. When getting ready to run your race make sure you are properly prepared by following these tips the days leading up to the event.


Select your clothing: About two days before your race pick out what clothing items you will need for the race. The weather forecast should be out by this time so you’ll know what temperatures and elements you are likely to be running in. By choosing your clothing ahead of time you can properly lay out what you will need and lower your risk of forgetting something on race day.


Get some rest: Getting a good night’s sleep two days before your race will help you on race day. This will help you head to the race well rested, even if you struggle to sleep the night before the race.


Pick up your bib: Try to pick up your bib and other race items early the day before your race. This will help ease your mind knowing that you’ve already taken care of this step and don’t need to worry about fighting large crowds later in the day.


Check your start time: The day before the race make sure you double check the start time to ensure you are not late. Also make sure you figure out where the starting line is and where parking is available.


Know the race route: Take a look at where you will be running the day before your race. Drive the course and make sure you know where the start and finish lines are.


Rest your legs: Try to take it easy the day before the race by not using your legs as much as you can.


Double check everything: Make sure you take inventory of everything you might need during the race the night before. Make sure you have all needed clothing items, your bib number, and any other accessories packed up and ready to go. Also make sure you remember to set your alarm before going to bed.