Time for a new car battery?


No one wants to get stranded with a dead battery. So what signs can help you determine if your battery is about to die?


Takes longer to start the car: If your car seems to be starting slower, or if it hesitates before it turns over, these can be signs that your battery is dying.


Check engine light is on: Occasionally, the check engine light will come on when your battery needs to be replaced.


Battery is bloated: If the battery is bloated, or looks like it swelled, then it’s time to replace your battery.


Signs of a leak: If you examine the battery and there are signs of battery fluid on the outside, then you will need to replace the battery.


You haven’t replaced it in a long time: If it’s been several years since you last replaced your battery, then you should have it inspected. You should aim to have your battery checked at least once a year.