Must-have items to include when building a home


There are many decisions to be made when building a home, and many things to consider. When looking over blueprints and shopping for materials, make sure you include these items in your new home.


Insulation: Make sure your contractors properly insulate your walls. MSN also recommends having someone inspect the insulation before it’s covered up.


Conduits: Want to hide the cords from the flat-screen TV that’s mounted on the wall? Make sure you have conduits installed on the walls to hide those cords.


Convenient laundry room: Who wants to lug their laundry from their upstairs bedroom to the basement laundry room? When designing your home, consider putting the laundry room in a more convenient spot, like upstairs near the bedrooms.


Energy-efficient heating and cooling system: Heating and cooling is essential in every home. Make sure to have an energy-efficient HVAC system properly installed.


Accurate plumbing: Make sure all of the plumbing is properly installed in your home. You should have a licensed plumber do all plumbing work in your home, not just a handyman or general contractor.


Storage: Make sure you build in enough storage in your new home.