This Father's Day ad honoring stepfathers will definitely make you cry

Stepdads surprised with adoption papers

When it comes to Father's Day ads, this one may take the cake.

Budweiser released a short film ad for Father's Day this week, honoring the amazing contributions of stepfathers.

"Budweiser created a short film that documents heartfelt stories of three real stepchildren as they surprise their fathers by asking to be officially adopted. The film is a tribute to all fathers who step up for their families every day."

"Stepfathers embark on a difficult journey when it comes to building a relationship with their stepchildren. Although there are often ups and downs, many stepchildren grow to consider their stepfather one of the most important people in their lives. So this Father’s Day, Budweiser is shining an unexpected light on fatherhood by toasting stepfathers who have risen to the occasion and owned their roles as fathers."

The heartwarming ad has more than one million views. Watch it below:

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