What is the Clintondale Community Schools' Cyber School? (guest column)


By Dr. Rita LoGrasso

Students along with their families regardless of size, decide to enroll in virtual/cyber classes rather than attending regular school for a variety of reasons. Whatever the reason or issue, students 6th grade to 12th grade can be accommodated  and can receive a Clintondale Community Schools, HIGH SCHOOL (fully accredited) diploma. Please note: Attending classes via our cyber school is FREE.

Students can complete a middle school or high school education from the comfort of home, (up to age 22) by following the same curriculum as mandated by the State of Michigan for their grade level without regard to where they live or their economic circumstances. Computers are sent to their home (free of charge) with a small refundable deposit.

Schooling at home does take some time. Students should be “on-line” approximately 5 to 7 hours per day depending on the grade level, working at their own pace. Basically the same time commitment as if they were enrolled in a brick and mortar school. The good news is that the hours are flexible 24/7, 365 days per year. Students can get access to their classes/lessons from anywhere they have a computer and internet access, anytime day or night 7 days a week. All courses, tests, papers, etc.  on-line must be 80% complete with a 60% passing grade to pass.

Parents/guardians can directly mentor or supervise their child via their portal on a day to day basis.  There are no surprises, attendance is recorded, and the amount of time a student is on line is noted. Highly qualified certified teachers, mentors and staff (available 24/7) will call, e-mail and text each student weekly. They build relationships, good communication and positive reinforcement.  

The decision and choice is yours, even if you dropped out of school and wish to finish your education.  Clintondale is holding open enrollment with applications just a phone call away.  A high school diploma not only opens the doors to college, but to many jobs, the military, and thousands of opportunities for a successful future. 

For further information and an enrollment packet, contact: Dr. Rita LoGrasso at 586.791.6300  ext 4020