Big changes coming to cash-strapped Inkster Public Schools

Inkster Public Schools face $12 million budget deficit; possible consolidation could mean less teachers, less schools


INKSTER, Mich. – Inkster is in financial trouble similar to Detroit -- it's under a consent agreement with the state of Michigan.

The city's school system is starting to resemble Detroit's, too. Inkster Public Schools Superintendent Mischia Bashir tendered her resignation to the school board on Tuesday night . It was a 60-day notice the Inkster school board did not want to accept.

Bashir is making $150,000 a year and was under contract through next school year. What made her quit her job so abruptly?

The district has a $12 million budget deficit and it is working on a deficit elimination plan with the state of Michigan. However, that plan has not been approved yet.

But under the plan, all of the roughly 100 Inkster teachers were given pink slips on Tuesday. While some teachers will get the call back to work over the summer, most will not.

There are five schools in the system right now, but a consolidation could leave one or two open in the fall. The high school, which has just less than 1,000 students, would convert to a charter school. Both the high school and the other school, a K-8 school with about 1,100 students, would be under he school board's authority.

Parents were quite concerned on Wednesday when they learned about the latest developments.

"I just hope Inkster school district gets its act together because I still have a daughter in the school district. I have one graduating this year and this is my home and I want our schools to remain open," said parent Taiwana Foster.

On Wednesday, Bashir told Local 4 she is still on the job trying to manage the deficit elimination plan. She said the district not wanting her to leave was a compliment to her.

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