Ambitious Texas teen makes history with college degree

Student will get associates degree next week, then high school diploma in May

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Getting an associates degree before a high school diploma? Isn't that impossible?

Evidently not, because a 17-year-old from Robstown, Texas, is about to pull off that feat. 

AJ Barrera, 17, next week will get his associates degree from Del Mar College in Corpus Christi, Texas, according to an article on

Getting your associates degree doesn’t seem too unusual. But take into consideration that Barrera won't graduate from Robstown Early College High School until May.

The article said Barrera began taking pre-AP classes in junior high school, and then in high school, he took dual-credit classes through the Robstown Early College High School dual-credit program at Del Mar College.

With all this in mind, it begs one question. 

In the summer, will Barrera get to have two graduation parties? 

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