Mother skips her own college graduation to attend son's, gets major surprise

Graduate's mom ends up getting best of both worlds

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MOUNT PLEASANT, Mich. – It’s not often that two people in the same immediate family graduate from college on the same day, but that's what was in the cards for one mother and her son -- and that was a big problem.

The son, Stephan Wilson, was scheduled to graduate with a bachelor’s degree of fine arts in music theater at Central Michigan University, completing a five-year tenure. The ceremony was set for Saturday.

On the other hand, Sharonda Wilson was also scheduled to graduate from Ferris State University, and Saturday also marked the day of a ceremony for statewide and online students.

Unfortunately, something had to give, and like any sacrificing parent, Sharonda bypassed her ceremony to attend Stephan’s. 

But as it turns out, Sharonda got to experience the best of both worlds. 

After learning of the situation, Central Michigan President Bob Davies contacted Ferris State President David Eisler to gain permission to grant Sharonda her degree on Eisler’s behalf.

Eisler agreed, and with it came the heartwarming video below. 

Grab some tissues. 

In addition to Sharonda Wilson, another mother in Florida shared some graduation joy with her sons on Saturday. (What are the odds?)

Madelyn McClarey graduated with a degree in English and a minor in education from Florida A&M University, the same school her twin sons Aubrey and Aaron attend, according to the Tallahassee Democrat. 

Aubrey will graduate this upcoming fall, while Aaron is on track to graduate in the fall of 2020.

Madelyn McClarey had planned to finish her degree in South Florida, where she lived, but those plans changed when Aubrey and Aaron insisted that their mom join them at Florida A&M.

So Madelyn McClarey did, taking a one-year leave of absence from her job as an elementary language coach and moving up to Tallahassee to finish her degree at Florida A&M.

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